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The Nikhef Identity Management and SSO Service

Nikhef and the Nikhef CT group are introducing centralized user management and a single-sign-on service, NikIDM: the Nikhef Identity Management system. The Nikhef Identity Management system is the organisational ICT system of Nikhef that implements the interface with regards to generic authentication and authorization for its Users.

If you have any problems logging in to the NikIdM services, look at the User Documentation or contact the helpdesk.
  • Review your account to see whether you are allowed to access the service you want (and whether your password is correct)
  • Change your password before it expires (your password must be changed every 13 months)
  • Check the information that you give out to external service providers - to make sensible decisions about your privacy
  • use local and federated services like SURFspot and eduGroepen, request eduroam visitor accounts, obtain your grid certificate and auto-login to CERN, register your networked devices like laptops, and much more ... see the left-hand menu for a selection of options.

Most Nikhef ICT services now use the NikIdM for user data and authentication: email, Linux and Windows desktop login, SUFconext services, grid certificates, travel requests, &c. Most of our services redirect you to this web site to log in, so that you can recognise the login page as a trusted brand. The list of services that use the NikIDM single sign-on service is given on the CT User Documentation pages. In addition, all NDPF services (Grid and the Nikhef Data Processing Facility) use the same directory and single sign-on password.

What if my NikIdM data is no longer current?

Your NikIdM account is the source of identity and access control for CT services and all federated (SURFconext or eduGAIN) services. In case you need to update or augment your access rights or entitlements, please contact the helpdesk.

Your Privacy

Your personal data is kept and processed in accordance with the NikIdM Policy. Please see specifically chapter 8 of the policy for data protection information. You can review, augment and correct your data any time by contacting the help desk.
When you use Nikhef services, your attributes are released and may be processed in order to provide you the service. In case you use federated services, you are explicitly informed regarding the attributes that will be released. You can then choose to continue or abort the access attempt. To review the attributes released to specific SURFfederation service providers (such as the TCS eScience Certificate Service, or scientific publishers), use the attribute release viewer of the SURFfederation.
If you have any policy questions regarding the NikIDM and the SSO service please contact the NikIDM team through the Helpdesk.

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