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Nikhef Identity Management: updating your attributes

Nikhef and the Nikhef CT group are introducing centralized user management and a single-sign-on service. This system manages your electronic identity at Nikhef, and registers entitlements, access rights, and the password and account expirations. In case you need to update your attributes or if you need (and are eligible) for additional entitlements and services, you should contact the CT help desk to have this information updated. The CT helpdesk works through a set of accredited Registrars that can update your data in the NikIdM.


The following people are accredited Registrars for NikIDM. You can contact any of these people, through the CT help desk (helpdesk at nikhef.nl) to add or update your attributes:
  • Ton Damen
  • Sven Gabriel
  • David Groep
  • Wim Heubers
  • Andre van Kan
  • Elly van Kerkhoff
  • Paul Kuipers
  • Ronald Starink
  • Tristan Suerink
  • Bart van der Wal
All enrolments and updates are done in accordance with the NikIDM Policy and Practices, which has been endorsed by the Nikhef Management Team on December 10th, 2009. In case of policy issues, you can contact the helpdesk or Wim Heubers.

Service Managers

The following Service Managers should be contact for access to any of the Services enabled by the NikIDM system:
IKO/HEFnet Unix login, Windows
CT Beheer, via helpdesk@nikhef.nl
Email services
CT Beheer, via helpdesk@nikhef.nl
NDPF Interactive
CT/PDP NDPF Grid systemen, via grid.support@nikhef.nl
NDPF Grid Access
CT/PDP NDPF Grid systemen, via grid.support@nikhef.nl
GridSrv systems
PDP, via davidg@nikhef.nl

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