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Nikhef offers wireless network access to residents of the institute, to eduroam™ roaming academic users, and to temporary guests (for workshops and meetings). These wireless networks have different names and capabilities:

the global eduroam network: connect to the network and authenticate with your home institute credentials

With eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) you have the ability to give your visitors temporary internet access through the eduroam network. This access works anywhere where eduroam™ is available, so also at CWI, the UvA, and in many places in downtown Amsterdam. Nikhef employees can invite up to 10 eVA guests at any one time through the eduroam Visitor Access portal. This experimental service is offered by SURFnet.

  • Help and Support for eVA
    • All guests have to comply with the Nikhef Acceptable Use Policy
    • Only guests and affiliates related to Nikhef for professional purposes may be invited through eVA
    • The issued user name and password must be used exclusively by the guest and must not be shared. Lost your password? Inform your host immediately!
  • Provide the mobile phone number of the guest to that the password is send via SMS - the email is sent to the guest only, and to read it you would need a network first. Use of SMS prevents this chicken-and-egg situation. The guests' phone number is not used for any other purpose.
  • For conferences and large events, contact the helpdesk for more options

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